2015 World Cup Leaderboard – Watch the Americans!

FIS worldcupBe sure to check out website www.fis-ski.com. It’s amazingly improved with up to the minute results!  Even if you don’t subscribe to the Universal Sports channel, you can view race results and race times in progress for live events.  We are glued to this website when we can’t watch on tv.

Congrats to Lindsey Vonn! She is currently #1 in World Cup Downhill. Americans Ross Laurenne and Julia Mancuso are currently #11 and #12 respectively in this grueling competition. Mikaela Shiffrin and Linsey Vonn are currently #4 and #5 in the Overall with Mikaela taking the #1 slot in Slalom and Super G.

For the men, I see Ted Ligety at #3 in GS, but clearly for this year, the WOMEN RULE!

USA Takes the Podium at Lake Louise Downhill!

Amazing First, Second and Third Place wins at the Lake Louise FIS World Cup Women’s Downhill as Lyndsey Vonn takes first, Stacey Cook takes second, and Julia Mancuso places third! We’re so proud of our women downhillers! I’m almost forgiving Lyndsey for hanging with Tiger Woods. Hopefully she is a good influence on him. With this kind of strength on the women’s team, there’s no stopping the USA! Read all about it: http://usskiteam.com/

A New Season

snowstormWe’re waiting for a nor’ easter tonight, and although I know it’s October here in New Jersey, and the storm will only bring rain and wind and probably a power outage.  But I can’t help thinking about snow.  I’m a year older now and heading for that time when everything becomes more breakable, and I don’t know how much skiing I’ll be doing this year, but I sure would like to hear about my readers’ adventures.  So please post your ski trip plans, send us your photos and Ski Tales, and we’ll publish them.  Hey nor’ easter, give us what you’ve got!

Oh Ted and Mikaela! You are GOLDEN!

Congratulations to Ted Ligety for his GOLD MEDAL win in the Olympic Alpine Skiing Giant Slalom race. Ted is an amazing skier, and although he may have been disappointed in his performance in the Slalom, Ted, you are coming home with GOLD! And we love you!

At the ending days of the Olympics in Sochi, it’s all about the American WOMEN! Congratulations to Mikaela Shiffrin on her win in the Women’s Alpine Skiing, Olympic Slalom competition! We knew she would make us proud. And a heartfelt congrats to Maddie Bowman for her impressive performance in Freestyle Skiing/Halfpipe competition. The women RULE in these events!

How about the Women’s Hockey Team. Congrats on winning the SILVER MEDAL!
And the women dominated in Bobsled too. Alana Meyers, and Lauryn Williams is a team who won the Silver, and Aja Evans/ Jamie Greubel Bobsled team captured the BRONZE.

Americans excelled in Bobsled also when the Men won the 4-Man Bobsled Bronze, congrats to Steven Holcomb, Steven Langton, Curtis Tomasevicz, and Christopher Fogt.

And last, but not least, we are proud of our Men’s Short Track team who won the Silver in their competition, the 5,000 m Relay.

As we watch the Closing Ceremonies today, in addition to the pride we feel for our American athletes, our hearts go out to the athletes and all of the citizens of the Ukraine with our hope and prayers for a peaceful solution to their conflict.

And yes, I know I have to update my Olympic Pride poem to include ALL of our winners, so watch for that revision in a blog post to come.
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The home team always has an advantage, but we are so proud of our athletes’ performances at Sochi. Andrew Weibrecht and Bode Miller are the latest skiers to win the Silver and Bronze respectively in Alpine Skiing, the Men’s Super G. And our spirits soar!

Congratulations to Matthew Antoine who won the Bronze Medal in Skeleton, and Noelle Pikus-Pace who nabbed the Silver in Skeleton. After being dropped from the Olympics in 1948, Skeleton competition re-emerged in 2002.  Similar to the LUGE, Skeleton athletes travel face-first on the sled, which got its name because the first metal sleds seemed to resemble a human skeleton. Matthew and Noelle follow in the tradition of the first Olympic Skeleton medalists, both Americans, Jennison and John Heaton who won their medals in 1928.

Bode Miller posterOur fav, Bode Miller, did not disappoint in the Men’s Super G. His Bronze Medal at age 36 is nothing short of incredible!  Despite the criticism he always receives from the media, Bode’s emotions are sweet and touching to his fans who love his courage, spirit and determination. I know what it feels like to lose a close family member and at times in our lives when we push ourselves to the limit and sometimes achieve great or even modest things, a universal outpouring of emotion comes from a need to share the moment with those we love.  When we lose those important people in our lives, these moments become bittersweet.  We look forward to seeing and hearing Bode’s honest and heartfelt comments after every race and we cheer him on.

Congratulations also to Andrew Weibrecht, who hails from Lake Placid, NY, where Gene and I honeymooned back in 1984.The “Warhorse,” and the “Wombat,” as he’s known, came back from shoulder injuries and illness with a tentative view of his future in ski racing. With a starting position of 29, this win must have been the biggest surprise of his life. This is where his emotion originated because he wanted his fans and his family to be proud of him. We applaud you, Andrew.  We admire your courage and tenacity, despite so many setbacks. And yes, we are all indeed proud to call you our American son. It goes to show, that it pays to never give up.

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The American Sweep at Sochi

Sochi American Medalwinners

American Sweep

When I saw our three handsome young men on the podium while they played the Star Spangled Banner, I was mesmerized by their smiles. Americans won 12 Medals as of this date in the Sochi Olympics, but none were as moving patriotically as this sweep of the Men’s Slopestyle competition in Freestyle Skiing: Congratulations to Joss Christensen, the Gold medalist, Gus Kenworthy who won the Silver, and Nicholas Goepper, who grabbed the Bronze.  Their performances were no less than spectacular and the feeling of pride in our country’s finest brought actual tears to my eyes.

And what did Joss say to ESPN news when he won? “I hope I made my father proud…..” Joss lost his father last August while he was training, and his grief must have made his training challenge that much more difficult. Here is some good coverage and video from Bleacher Report: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1959702-joss-christensen-pays-tribute-to-late-father-with-gold-medal

Hahnenkamm, Pure Poetry

Watching the performances of US Champion, Bode Miller and Norwegian, Aksel Lund Svindal, at the notorious Hahnenkamm downhill race, just south of Kitzbühel, Austria, was like reading a rare poem, expressing the inner confidence and maximum torque these men could bring to the sport. Bode was in rare form having the best time in the training run, and he had lightening speed on a course with a huge pothole that swallowed up several competitors. One slight difference and on one run, Svindal took a lead of .13 seconds. Imagine that?

The Austrian winner of the race was Hannes Reichelt.

Bode was disappointed with a 3rd place, but he’s first in our hearts!  Go Bode!

AT CORTINA D’AMPEZZO, in Italy the women made us proud as Stacey Cook finished fifth and Julia Mancuso finished seventh in the Cortina downhill competition.

Watch last year’s Hahnenkamm at this youtube link:

Here’s a link to USA Today’s coverage of the event:

A SkiTales.com Author’s Success…

The Ski LessonEvery once in a while, we hear from an author of one of our Ski “Tales,” who sent us one of their earliest works of fiction when we started Skitales.com years ago. This week, we heard from Lisa Marie Mercer, author of “A Ski Lesson: A Love Story.” Lisa has become a talented and widely published writer, specializing in travel, fitness, skiing and social media. She has been a fitness instructor, tour guide and fitness coach, and when we “met” online, she owned Mountain Sport Pilates and Fitness in Frisco, Colorado. Although Lisa and I have never met in person, I am so glad she is part of our SkiTales.com family. Recently Lisa complimented SkiTales.com in an article she wrote for TopTenSocialMedia.com: http://www.toptensocialmedia.com/social-media-business/ten-small-business-ideas-for-women-who-think-outside-the-box/

It was so nice of Lisa to remember SkiTales.com and we’re glad she has continued to write.  I congratulate her on becoming such an accomplished and talented contributor to online publications.

So all of you new authors and freelance writers out there, SEND US YOUR TALES! It may be the start of a great writing career!